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Barum's 10 "Ride & Save" Tips

1. Check the pressure of your tires every two weeks. The correct tire pressure depends on the load of your vehicle, as well as the intended speed. Correct tire pressure causes low rolling resistance - and thus reduced fuel consumption and environment-friendly driving.

2. Avoid "racing starts" at traffic lights. Accellerate quickly and also quickly shift higher into the next gear.

3. Drive anticipatory. With a little more distance to the vehicle ahead of you, you can avoid short stops. Your vehicle needs much more energy to start rolling again after a complete stop. Rolling is cheaper.

4. In the summer season use summer tires and in the winter use winter tires. Only then can the tire life be maximized (winter tires wear out faster in the summer; summer tires wear out quicker in the winter season due to increased abrasion).

5. Drive without unnecessary ballast. This includes removing your roof rack whenever it is not needed - this alone can cause up to 10% higher fuel consumption. In the summer time you also don't need warm blankets and/or snow tires in your vehicle. You may also think about removing your spare tire from your vehicle if you are only travelling within the city - a compressor with a sealing solution, such as the ContiComfortKit is much lighter and furthermore saves room in the car. Oftentimes in vans you can get rid of the third seat row - this alone makes your vehicle about 25 Kg lighter.

6. Only turn on the air conditioning for a longer time when really needed. You can also keep cool by turning on the air conditioning for short periods of time whilst always switching it off again. Please note: Parking in the shade also saves money.

7. After starting your engine, drive immediately. Modern motors no longer need a warm-up phase.

8. Always drive in the highest possible gear. Even at about 2000 rotations per minute it is fine to move up to a higher gear.

9. Apply smooth running oils to your vehicle – and do not miss an oil change. Your car will have a higher life expectancy - and less thirst.

10. Car pools save money - not only on your way to work but also bringing the kids to school or kindergarden.

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