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Are 2 winter tyres enough?

Although it seems logical and economical to fit M+S tyres on the drive wheels and keep the summer tyres on the free-running wheels, this approach does involve some very real risks. When braking the weight is transferred to the front wheels. Vehicles with rear wheel drive would then be slowed down mainly via the summer tyres on the front, which provide little grip.

So more for front wheel drive cars?
Again, no, because the difference in traction and lateral guidance would soon make the vehicle unstable in bends. Complete safety can therefore only be ensured when winter tyres are fitted on all four wheel positions.

Safety tip:
Fit your car with winter tyres all round!
...and remember - it's important to check the tread depth (at least 4mm) and tyre pressure (see vehicle manufacturer's specifications) regularly on winter tyres too.

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